this one makes me wanna dust off the glowsticks and glo-globes, break out the knee-high vinyl platform boots and ponytails a’la GADZOOKS…and take a bite ‘o that special brownie.  #1996 #BYGEORGES deadmau5 – Sofi Needs a Ladder (by UltraRecords) (Source:

The 10yr anniversary of her death was this past August…many will only remember her records and music videos, but i’ll always ever remember her as the Dark Goddess personified, dancing to the sounds of the depths of this very earth. Also this is just bitchin, when it comes to reminiscing on failed love. #RIP Aaliyah… Read More

also…”All Saint’s Day” or November 1st.  I’ve never been 100% sure as to which day is truly the Day of the Dead – though I’ve always ever been told that it was actually my bday, November 2nd.  It is said throughout many cultures and religions that it is a time to remember and honour our… Read More