A Twisted Kind of Ingenue

As was reported at  The Wild Hunt, Pagan Spirit Gathering’s new site, Stonehouse Park, is having a bit of zoning trouble. Now, this trouble isn’t in anyway the fault of PSG. And I’ll be honest, I haven’t been to PSG — June is an expensive month for me, and I am already going to Tribal Revolution.

However, Stonehouse Park is very important to me because I am a member of Belegarth Medieval Combat Society. I run events there yearly, in fact, my next one is this weekend. Because of the zoning and permit problems, our ability to utilize the site has been restrained, and it seems every day I get a new message telling me something else I can’t use.

PSG is not in any danger of not running this year — the owner makes it very clear that if the permit is revoked, he has the ability to…

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