If you’ve done much Isiac reading, you probably come across something called, The Songs of Isis and Nephthys.” You may also know that these songs are the ritual lamentations of the Two Goddesses for Their brother, Osiris. This is also the text that tells us that the priestesses who played Isis and Nephthys are supposed to be “pure of body and virgin” and that they are to have their body hair removed, wigs on their heads, tambourines in their hands, and their names (Isis and Nephthys) inscribed on their arms. Then the priestesses sing their roles, or perhaps chant them.

Remember that?

Knowing where the texts come from helps us understand a bit more about the information in the texts. So I wanted to share a little background on this particular text. The Songs of Isis and Nephthys comes from a papyrus known as the Bremner-Rhind papyrus. In addition…

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