According to Herodotus, the Egyptians never sacrifice cows

“for these are sacred to Isis. For the image of Isis is always made in the form of a woman with the horns of an ox, as Io is pictured by the Greeks; and for that reason all Egyptians are alike in treating cows far more holy than other beasts.”

In the above image from Pompeii’s Temple of Isis, we can see that the woman on the left does indeed have have horns, although Isis, on the right, does not. (Just as points of interest, note the diaphanous nature of Isis’ robe, as well as the breast-baring robe of the—I assume—priestess behind Her, who holds a sistrum. The—I again assume—priest beside her holds a sistrum, wand, and situla. We don’t know for certain, but perhaps the artist was depicting the Isiac priestess and priest as he had actually seem them in the…

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