In this short period of time on the Wheel of the Year when we move into darkness, between Samhein and Yule, it’s customary for Witches to move inward, engage in introspection, do all of those things that this INTJ loves with all of her heart. I firmly believe that in a culture based upon patriarchy, on a maniacal emphasis on continued bodily existence, rather than death, mind, rather than body, words, rather than feelings, and logic, rather than gnosis, everything and anything that we can do to move away from partiarchy, to move into the dark, the body, feelings, and gnosis is a deeply political act.

Joanna Colbert, the artist behind the Gaian Tarot, has created a Tarot spread that is, I believe, a powerful tool for this sort of political action. I thought that, here on the day after an historic election, I’d do this Tarot working for America…

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