200 Words: Patheos Blogger Challenge

I am a Kemetic because I don’t feel the fire of creation through anything else other than Kemeticism.

Creation – the essence and the spark of life. The beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega; where ideas go to live and die at the whim of the madman or madwoman creating them.

Creation IS religion; creation IS chaos. Creation is magick, creation is exaltation AND abomination. Even though I’m making up phrases & quotes as I go; you cannot have pleasure w/out pain. You cannot have light without the dark.

Kemeticism & polytheist-paganism are recognition that there were “places, people, & practices” on this Earth that were not of this earth. There were lessons to be learned that taught whole civilizations that what they thought they knew-they could know even better. 

I was baptized a “Methodist” Christian Episcopalian; I remember my Baptism even though I was only 6mths-old.

Yet; the darkest period of my life taught me there were others out there who could teach me how to exist in a smarter & more productive way. Aset, Osiris, Set, Sekhmet, Thoth, Lord Dionysus—Mother Lilith & Baphomet…they called me home.  Now that I’m here, I’ll never go back.