Isis, Lady of Books


Books and words have the magic power of being able to transmit thoughts from one person to another and from one person to many—without those people ever having met each other face to face. This is a great magic indeed and the ancient Egyptians well knew it. That is why their greatest Divine Magicians, Thoth and Isis, both commanded Words of Power (Hekau) and through these powerful words, worked Their holy magic.

The magic inherent in words is only emphasized when we know that only a very small percentage, perhaps only 1%, of the people in ancient Egypt could read and write. Magician-priest/esses who “know their spells” were considered to have the God Heka (“Magic”) Himself in them.

Egyptian books were kept in the temple Houses of Life, which we can think of as a library or perhaps even a research library. (Libraries might also be called Houses…

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