And Her Temples Rise Once More

Perfection — thank you so very much, for sharing your backyard temple with everyone!


To follow up on last week’s post—and by way of tangible proof that Her temples still live—I’d like to share with you the Temple of Isis in my backyard. It is named the House of the Lotuses, Per Sushenu, or the Lotus Temple. It was built for an Isis Festival in 2010 and reconstructed in our backyard following the festival since nobody could bear to see it destroyed. Incidentally, that festival is the same one for which I originally instituted this blog. As you can see, both blog and temple are still going strong.

The Temple of Isis lives in so many of our hearts. I am extremely fortunate in that I also have one living in my backyard. With that, here’s a tour of the House of the Lotuses:

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