The Disturbing Story of Isis & Re…More Disturbing Than Ever??


This is an important Isis myth. It almost always gets overshadowed by the main Isis and Osiris myth, the murder of Osiris and Isis’ search for Him. But this is the Isis myth that is, for many, the most unsettling when we are first learning our Isis lore; and that is the tale of how Isis tricked the Sun God Re into revealing His most secret name and thereby gained additional power for Herself and for Her son, Horus. Know that story? If not, here’s a link to Isis Magic on Googlebooks; go to page 61 and start reading there. (Since I originally wrote this post, Isis Magic is back in print and available here.) Okay, so Googlebooks no longer has the preview of Isis Magic; here’s another way to read the story.

On the basis of this tale, some have decided that Isis is an evil magician…

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