The Kiddie Cowl

tin can knits I first discovered my love of kiddie cowls a couple years ago. My friend was turning some sweatpants into capri’s and Hunter took the leg and put it over her head. She didn’t take it off for hours. I kept putting it on her and everywhere we went people asked us where… Read More The Kiddie Cowl

Smocking Stitch

tin can knits The beautiful Gather hat and cowl that Alexa designed for Knit City uses an interesting technique called smocking.  This technique gathers stitches together to create a richly textured fabric.Smocking is simple to achieve (it’s less fiddly than cabling), and all the steps are described below! Smock 6: insert RH needle front to… Read More Smocking Stitch

A Sign of Stability: The Djed

Originally posted on The Twisted Rope:
From “Myth and Symbol in Ancient Egypt” by Rundle Clark If there is any symbol that has become synonymous with Osiris it is the Djed pillar. The connection between Osiris and the djed became so important that by the New Kingdom, the deity would often be shown as a…