Zorita – the Classic Burlesque Snake Dancer – (blog post NSWF and 18+ only)

Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge

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This blog post is about the late classic burlesque dancer Zorita, who danced with snakes. Out of an abundance of caution i have labeled it NSFW and 18+ Only but it is pretty tame stuff. But first, some personal stories, and No, not of my burlesque days (i have never even been to one)…..

First I posted it and then had second thoughts and wrote – I removed this post because it might be too racy and i don’t want to offend anyone and want to keep my site clean, and on the advice of my oldest blogger friend who got me into blogging and who thought it may be inappropriate. I just thought it was a fun post but changed my mind. If any of my friends want to see it just email me as i have saved the whole post as a Word or PDF doc.


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One thought on “Zorita – the Classic Burlesque Snake Dancer – (blog post NSWF and 18+ only)

  1. Glad you liked it as i really hesitated to post it then edited it them said fk it i am going to post it again. I am Way behind in viewing your posts but you are on my list dear. Blessings. BTW like the new look, but maybe an About page again (unless i missed it) which is where i was going to write this.


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