Marking International Women’s Day III: Bad Girls do some Cool Stuff

How’s this for someone who doesn’t blog for two months? Nothing for ages then three in twenty-four hours! I always was good at rising to occasions, last-minute cramming, skidding into d…

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    1. I’m very sorry; I simply reblogged the post which is an option all WordPress users have. Reblogging is just spreading your point-of-view; I’m not trying to pass off your post as my own.If you don’t want folks to reblog your posts, you can remove it as a share option from your posts in your WP-ADMIN area. It would save your readers confusion -as well as prevent this happening agan and again. Either way…I liked your post, and just thought I would share your point-of-view. As i type this comment, I’ll be removing the post shortly. Brightest Blessings to You! ~Porsha

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    2. Hey Denise, First Blog didn’t poach you post; she merely re-blogged it. Her post has your site listed as the source of the material but that way your words reach her followers base; of which I am one. So because of the re-blog someone who admired you work gave me a nudge and now I’m following you. I never would have found you blog otherwise. I think you owe her an apology and you should do some research on what a re-blog is. It is the sincerest form of Word Press Flattery. ~~dru~~


  1. Hi Porsha: I posted my reply comment to Denise’s on her blog too. I thought because you re-blogged a post regarding women, you might be interested in this link:

    I didn’t celebrate the actual day because I think we should celebrate our voting rights all year but I had intended to post this link on my blog at some further date when I decided to do a voting piece and I may still do that around November ’16 but this seemed like an opportunity to to get this info “out in the ether”; as you have many more followers and hits than I do and I thought this was a very good representation of who and what we all should be so proud of. ~~dru~~


  2. I am so, so sorry. I totally didn’t get it. I get so many spam comments and stuff that I just assumed, wrongly, that this was some other automatic thing. Thank you ever so much for liking it and no need to remove. I’ve been a right idiot and also really rude. saywhatumean2say also explained how it works and I remembered that I’d seen the option somewhere. I should stop going online when I’m tired! Or learn more about how it works. Again, so sorry!

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    1. No worries; when it comes to our work as writers, I completely understand how one can be protective and even over-protective of the work! These are OUR words, after all hehehe. But no, I reblog and share because if I liked it – I want others to have the chance to like it as well…and maybe even discover the work of someone new that may become a favorite for a lifetime! 😉 Take care both of you –and keep the good stuff comin! hehehe @saywhatyoumean2say and @literarylifeinitaly (MagicalTranslations)


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