Breathe by Layden Robinson

Cover to Cover

2458600212 Tales of Horror, Suspense and Erotica inspired by the Human Condition.

Wow, oh wow! This collection of short stories blew my mind for a number of reasons.

It is rare to come across an author who is able to embrace their unique and quirky imagination and then just run with it, and not be afraid of publishing their works. In all absolution I enjoyed all 12 stories so so much because they were exactly the kind of “crazy” that made me think I, myself, was losing the plot.

I am often skeptical about horror, because it would take a LOT for me to feel the horror and yet, these 12 tales delivered the right amount of “Oh, damn, this is high class creepy right there!”. In this collection we have the detectives, the psychos, the misunderstood. Talking cats, hungry vampire, a frowning clown, horny mannequins and victims.

Each story…

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