They could hear it again today. The roar of the creature under King Minos’ castle. The earth shook. It was angry today, without doubt. Columns and houses was falling apart. People ran for cover. The Minotaur could be on it’s way out of the labyrinth.

Milas was herding his sheep when the earth started shaking. His animals ran off in panic. The quakes had never been this strong before. The Minotaur was angry today. Strange. The last sacrifice was just some moons ago.

The people of Crete feared the beast under the castle. Part ox. Part human. Part god. A horrible monster of destruction, only calmed by young Athenians sacrificed every five years, seven boys and seven girls.

Heroclas got on his feet. The quake had calmed down, and the Minotaur was could not be seen. Maybe they were safe for now. He looked down at the bay. The sea…

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