O.W.L’s Exams Readathon TBR


So I came across a really exciting readathon on booktube which was created by G at Book Roast This readathon is based around Ordinary Wizarding Levels or the O.W.L’s. G has came up with a list of 12 O.W.L’s and a challenge for each one. So you read a book based on that challege. The readathon begins today the 2nd of April and finishes on the 29th of April. I am a huge Harry Potter fan so this is a perfectly themed readathon. I have picked a book for each challege, so a total of 12 books. I might not be able to get to them all but I will try my best. I’ll list the challenges and the books I have chosen below and I will also list the pass and fail grades.

Ancient Runes – Read a book with a symbol on the cover. – Assasin’s Creed:…

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