Why We Should Read More Nietzsche

Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

A quick word by way of introduction: I first encountered Nietzsche about four years ago, and to be sure, I can’t quite even remember how I first heard of his name, from whom I first heard it, or why I was even compelled to research this enigmatic and strange philosopher. I was new in my Christian faith, and yet something about Friedrich Nietzsche pulled me in, and much to my surprise, I began to be allured by what people were saying about him–mostly Christian philosophers referencing him and trying to show how he was wrong, et cetera. I nevertheless knew that I had to read him for myself, if for no other reason than to have something to easily ‘disprove.’

I began reading Der Antichrist, which incidentally enough is one of Nietzsche’s last books, a highly blasphemous polemic, he ever penned in his frantic last year of work before his…

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