Reactionary Spirits

Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

Patrikos: The problem with Nietzsche’s philosophy–at least, taken as a whole–is that it is in a sense itself discredited because it grew up out of a reactionary nature; viz., that Nietzsche was simply reacting against Christianity, and the Christian metaphysic, that was seemingly so axiomatically presupposed by the masses without warrant. Certainly there was no validity to his philosophy, but rather like a little child rebelling against the authority of his parents who gets ecstatic and excited in the moment, he only realizes later the foolhardy example he has laid out for himself and future generations.

Alexander: Oh, Patrikos, my dear friend, how right you are! What a fool Nietzsche was to roll against the tide, and to think that he had the audacity to challenge metaphysics like he did, smashing them as seeming illusions! Hmph! How asinine; and to be sure, we stick with what we know to be…

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