Fear and the Future

Safety of The Present

Anxiety, Arturo Leal, Digital Image, https://www.saatchiart.com/art/Drawing-Anxiety/798893/2539363/view

Fear is about whatmight happen, not whatis happening. Fears are thoughts of the future. It often projects a negative tone on things as a result of its being uncertain or as a result of their being a re-run of past events influencing your view of the future.

As we live our lives and try to understand our lives, we realise that the future is only a thought.

Fear is a thought that can cause your Mind to be in the intangible future and not the Present. This creates a gap between you and the Now filled withanxietiesandfearsthus separating you from the inner balance and peace found in your connectedness with the Present.

Try to remember that you can always cope with the Present moment, whereas you cannot deal with the future – it does not even exist yet…

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