Given to Fly by J.D. Estrada

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If you’ve read any of J.D.’s work, you’ll know he pours himself into every thought; and Given to Fly is no different.

I love the creative world J.D. has imagined. Nothing acts the way it was meant to, but everything is the way it should be. (Read the book if you want this sentence to make any bit of sense.)

I love the references made to classic books from different eras. He’s even inserted his own work in a way which still makes me grin.

What I love most about this book are the takeaways. Kids of all ages can identify with different parts of the story, but this can also be viewed as a guidebook for wading one’s way through tough times. Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes. It’s ok to rely on others in our time of need. Don’t be quick to judge. Find a way to…

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