One More Time

Photo by Anas Jawed on We kept telling ourselves that she wasn’t gone, just away from us long enough for it to hurt. Sydney busied herself with phone calls, contacting everyone Charlotte knew, pressing them for details they didn’t have. Louisa brewed one pot of coffee after another so our caffeine levels never dropped.… Read More One More Time

A Celebration

Photo by Natalie on Charlene called me, I called Allie, and she called Habiba who called Dominique. We sat up sleepily in our beds, stood in our kitchens with our backs to hungry children, slipped out of midday board meetings where speakers droned on about quarterly sales, slowed our steps around a clay track… Read More A Celebration

Guns into Garden Tools

Here’s a bit of good stuff. An old friend of mine, a retired preacher, is forging garden tools out of guns. When he was working, he organized a huge garden on the property and invited low income kids to come and work it through the summer. In exchange, they got fresh vegetables. It still… Read More Guns into Garden Tools

TURNING RED (2022) Preview of animated fantasy comedy

‘Growing up is a beast.’ Turning Red is a 2022 American animated fantasy comedy film about a teenage girl who turns into a giant red panda whenever she gets excited. Directed by Domee Shi, making her feature directorial debut, from a screenplay co-written with Julia Cho. Produced by Lindsey Collins. Executive produced by Pete Docter… Read More TURNING RED (2022) Preview of animated fantasy comedy