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Horror roleplaying writers discuss their favorite RPGs, with a focus on Vampire the Masquerade, Chronicles of Darkness, and Warhammer, and introduce real world spookiness with the Secret Frequency. Source: Darker Days Radio

coolchicksfromhistory: Former actress Helen Gahagan Douglas was the third woman elected to Congress from California (1941-1951).  During a contentious 1950 campaign for a seat in the US Senate (which she lost), Helen coined an enduring nickname for her oponeny Richard Nixon – “Tricky Dick.”  Helen is picture here wearing a corsage with a group of… Read More

liquidnight: “Poor children looking through a window” Children of the family Raaymakers, hit by the crisis, getting help thanks to an action of magazine Het Leven. Best, The Netherlands, 1936 [From the Nationaal Archief]

liquidnight: Wayne F. Miller Hiroshima, Japan, August 1945 Japanese soldiers and civilians crowd trains to Tokyo at a Hiroshima station after the demobilization of the Japanese army. From Wayne F. Miller: Photographs 1942-1958